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Tuesday April 13, 2010 5:13 pm

Quote of the Day: Emma Roberts Disses Target

Posted by Veronica Santiago Categories: Celebrities

Emma Roberts

UPDATE: Emma has since apologized via Twitter to those who were “unintentionally offended” by her misunderstood comments.

“I want to do something in fashion that wouldn’t be cheesy. I wouldn’t do, like, Emma Roberts for . I’d want do to something more like the Olsen twins did, Elizabeth and James and The Row, something that is really cool, wearable and still unique.”

-Actress telling WWD that she would like to create a fashion line of her own some day, just not for Target.

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I KNEW THAT I HATED HER FOR SOME REASON! How pretentious of her to think that she could ever get to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen status. Laughable!

Also… she must not be following fashion (or the twins, for that matter) too closely, as it seems that she has no idea that the Olsens did a line for JCPENNEY.

BTW - I just posted an update with a link to an apology she made about her supposedly misunderstood comment. smile

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