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Saturday December 5, 2009 2:31 pm

Kate Moss Covets Jewelry, Gets Sir Philip Green to Pay

Kate MossKate Moss was so taken with a fellow guest’s bracelet at a recent wedding she bought it off her straightaway.

The supermodel became smitten with jewelery designer Ann Dexter-Jones’ accessory during a mutual friend’s nuptials and insisted she wanted it immediately. So Kate’s friend and boss - billionaire retailer and head of Topshop Sir Philip Green - offered Ann a large sum of money for the bracelet.

“She was so crazy to wear it so Sir Philip Green insisted Kate have it immediately and bought it for her right off my wrist.”

But Ann - who designed the black onyx, black diamond, solid gold and silver bauble, as part of her new jewelery line - wasn’t too upset because as well as the money, Kate also gave her another bracelet to wear. She told the New York Post, “And Kate gave me her Chanel bracelet as a gift, so that my wrist wasn’t bare.”

Ann’s line, Ann Dexter-Jones, debuts this week.



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