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Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset WebbDannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset Webb are "selfish designers."

The Project D collaborators admitted they create clothes which they hope will suit their own individual shapes when working on the label and it was no different when they joined forces to design their new K Bag in association with Kenco Millicano.

"Even for Project D we design selfishly. You always design a dress that you want yourself or that you hope will look good on you and the bag is something that I wanted for myself, it's got lots of different compartments and then a clutch bag too. Tabitha has designed some beautiful hangbags over the years of which I have many and I travel a lot so can't take them all with me, even now my partner Kris [Smith] rolls his eyes at my suitcases and says, 'You're not taking all of that' so hopefully the new K Bag will solve some of my problems," Dannii said.

Tabitha gave birth to Betsy Belle in November 2011 while Dannii has 20-month-old Ethan with partner Kris and the pair think becoming mothers has also affected their designs.

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Tom Ford Glasses

Tom Ford is launching a luxury new eyewear collection. The special edition optical eyewear line will retail for an incredible $2,950 and is set to feature 1950s inspired designs for both men and women.

"Inspired by the enduring elegance of 1950s eyewear, Ford has created a new frame for women and a frame for men made of the finest quality gold-plated metal with precious water buffalo horn on the front and the temple tips. These gently retro-influenced frames represent the highest levels of design and fabrication in eyewear. Subtly luxurious and crafted with meticulous workmanship, the two styles are some of the most refined ever offered by TOM FORD EYEWEAR. (sic)," the company said in a press release.

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Kate Bosworth jewelryKate Bosworth is releasing a series of short movies to publicize her jewelry collection. The Superman Returns actress has created designs for e-commerce brand JewelMint, and she is delighted to be merging the worlds of "fashion and film" to advertise the rings, necklaces and bracelets.

"This project gives me the opportunity to merge to worlds I love - fashion and cinema," she said.The videos have been directed by her boyfriend Michael Polish, and a new one will be released on a monthly basis.

Speaking about the collaboration previously, Kate explained she was confident of its success, as she was allowed to work with quality pieces: "I feel like we're just starting to get a really good hold on this experience."I had no interest in signing a contract that would force me to curate pieces I found horrendous."

Actress Zoe Saldana has also made an item for the brand - entitled the Zoe Bangle - which is priced at $29.99. "I wanted to be a good curator for JewelMint because I'm a good friend of Kate's and she's really talented. I love the stars, and this piece reminded me of a bracelet you never take off," she said, commenting on her design.

Project Runway logo

It’ll be all about the details in a new project from The Weinstein Co.

The producers behind Project Runway are about to add a new reality program to their fashion-based arsenal. According to Deadline.com, the Bravo-turned-Lifetime series will spawn a new spinoff: Project Runway: Accessories

Accessories would be just one of several spinoffs already connected to Runway. Tim Guide’s Guide to Style, Models of the Runway and On the Road with Austin and Santino have all seen their time on air.

Although it’s unclear what challenges the future designers might face, I imagine we would probably see the final creations somehow integrated into a future episode of Runway.

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Mary J. Blige eyewearMary J. Blige says her sunglasses range is an "extension" of herself.

The singer recently launched her debut line of eyewear, entitled Melodies by MJB, and says designer sunglasses have always been something she wanted to do because she owns so many pairs. Mary - who also has her own fragrance, My Life - said, "I have probably 1000 pairs of sunglasses. If you look back at my history you'll see me with glasses, lots of shades from Chanel to Christian Dior to Gucci. Sunglasses are an extension of me, just like the fragrance I did is an extension of me. I only do things that I know, that I've done for years."

Mary has previously said she was inspired to do an eyewear line as she was bombarded with so many requests: "Eyewear and perfume are different, but you have to put the same amount of work in. You have to be creative, come up with ideas and be inspired - just like with a song. Sunglasses bestow a certain mysterious look like a Bond girl. People were always saying, 'You should do an eyewear line.' So I said, 'Let's do it.' I want women to be able to hide behind their glasses but also be fashion-forward and comfortable. I didn't make any Grandma glasses."

Lauren Conrad loves classic Chanel bags.

The reality star - who has designed her own collections for Kohl's - has a passion for high-end style, and reveals a quilted tote by the iconic French fashion house is her most treasured possession. "I love a classic Chanel bag. A green one is great because it looks young, but still maintains its timeless design."

As well as a wardrobe filled with accessories, Lauren also loves luxury shoes and thinks of Christian Louboutin as her choice of high-end designer for "go-to" pumps.

"Christian Louboutin is always my go-to for perfect pumps. I just made an addition to my closet with a lovely pair of brown suede shoes."

Despite her designer love, the 24-year-old fashion designer admits while she loves "feminine detailing," her own style is rather minimal: "I love the minimalist look. Wearing the same shade head-to-toe feels so chic to me. I really love any feminine detailing on a dress."

Victoria Beckham wearing a Birkin bag

“Silly stories, where do they come from? I have enormous respect and admiration for Hermes so to read ‘Beckham is the new Birkin’ is yet another totally ridiculous tabloid fabrication. I will not be trading in my Birkin!”

- Designer Victoria Beckham sets the record straight regarding some Twitter rumors.

(Make sure to check out other notable quotes.)

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Jason WuNew York-based fashion designer Jason Wu is to create a leather goods line.

The designer, who launched his eyewear range in March, is keen to expand his fashion empire with a new collection as he thinks it will be a great addition.

“My eyewear collection is only the beginning of my accessories range, stay tuned for later this year - there is more to come. Now that I have an established ready-to-wear business it seems to be the natural step to expand into the world of Jason Wu. There is so much more I would like to do to complete the vision.”

Jason - who counts Michelle Obama among his celebrity fans - has been spending a lot of time in Florence, Italy, researching his new range: “The beautifully ornate architecture has been very inspiring. I always find great inspiration while I travel.”

The 27 year-old designer also has an eye on couture: “I have always loved the art of couture and appreciate the rich history and awe inspiring craftsmanship. I loved many of the shows but my favorite experience was the YSL retrospective at the Petit Palais which really was so compelling.”

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Lindsay LohanNever underestimate a career-less

newly-sober celebrity. is willing to bare it all again for the camera—with or without her chunky alcohol monitoring bracelet.

The 23 year-old stripped down once for New York Magazine when she channeled Marilyn Monroe; this time, Lohan’s cause is for her 6126 collection. Expected to shoot next month in Los Angeles, Richard Luna of The California Bag—the company that licenses Lohan’s handbags—has some interesting ideas to get around the SCRAM accessory.

“We’re thinking of having police on hand so we can remove the ankle bracelet for the pictures,” he said. He then said that they may take photos with and without the bracelet, noting that it could be airbrushed out later.

Such a classy model—no wonder Ungaro wanted her!

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Lindsay Lohan's leg accessory

Ex-creative advisor of Emanuel Ungaro, , has a thing for leg jewelry.

Although her main piece—a SCRAM ankle bracelet—may not be by choice, Lohan was photographed wearing a loose jewelry armor chain on her right thigh. I must admit that the currently blonde party girl may be on to something; however, I don’t agree with how she paired it with suede black boots, a blue dress, and a leather jacket.

Ill-fitting or fittingly fab?

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