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Kim Kardashian

Harper’s Bazaar is now resorting to naked celebrities to sell its pages. Reality star bares all for the fashion magazine, which claims that the published photos have not been edited. “The message is embrace your curves and who you are…” says Kardashian of her public nudity.

Judging by how gorgeous she and Britney look without Photoshop, I’m starting to think that these type of ads aren’t making the general public feel better about themselves.

Kim wasn’t the only celebrity baring it all for the camera.

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Victoria Beckham

“I’m so camp. I’m such a gay man trying to get out.”

- Former Spice Girl-turned-fashion icon on her signature style.

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Carine Rotfield dons a cape

Is Carine Roitfeld a secret comic book nerd?

The French Editor-in-Chief recently attended a Ralph Lauren dinner donning a cape and serious black lace and knee-high boots. Looks to me as if she ought to be wearing this to the premiere instead…

Fashion faux pas or crime-fighting chic?

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Agyness Deyn shows off her new hairdo at Coachella

Celebrities came out to play in the desert for the three-day music festival Coachella, including a newly-bald .

The model looks barely recognizable (perhaps this was the point?) with her new hairdo, yet prim in a pale pink halter dress. “Wearing pink as not to look like I’m a skin head thug! Tried to find a baby stick on bow but unsuccessful,” she posted on her .

Can she pull this look off as well as ? Better?

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Ellen DeGeneres promotes a vegan diet credits her figure to her vegan diet.

The 52-year-old television presenter admits her youthful looks and toned physique are thanks to her long-time decision to not eat meat and avoid sugar.

“No cake, no cookies, no candy. No animals, no diary, nothing processed; a lot of soup, veggies, rice, beans, legumes. I want to be on my toes; I want to have energy. And as much as the diet seems like a sacrifice, it’s helping me.”

Ellen - who is the face of cosmetic firm CoverGirl - also says her figure comes thanks to an extreme version of yoga. She told Shape, “I first started doing power yoga in Los Angeles, which really makes no sense. It’s the opposite of what it should be. Yoga should calm down you.”

However, Ellen admits she has a tough time balancing her busy career and a healthy lifestyle: “It’s hard. But you have to make time to take care of yourself.” Although she is a fan of exercise, she has previously joked about the vibrating muscle workout trainer Shake Weight.  She said, “I was playing with it yesterday. And I have to say it really works. This is working out muscles I have never worked out in my whole life.”

Zoe Saldana has a “harsh” and “aggressive” wardrobe.

The actress admits to being a bit of a tomboy and her clothing choices veers toward that side of her. She told Self, “I’ve never really been that feminine. Look in my closet and you’ll see things that are elegant, sexy, tomboyish, sophisticated, beautiful, aggressive. It’s harsh. It’s a lot of black. Pretty is the last word you would think of.”

Zoe - who also starred in - said her take on fashion stood out against the bright Caribbean fashions of her native Dominican Republic: “The Caribbean is the most floral-happy culture in the world, and my sisters and I were like three little Jackie O’s with big sunglasses, reading all these sophisticated magazines and dressed in black at all times.”

Zoe does, however, occasionally wear bright colors and on a recent shoot picked out a floral dress which brought back fond memories for her:

“These florals tell a story. I was channeling that South Beach-looking-for-a-millionaire-husband-from-Switzerland kind of thing. I live in constant storytelling mode. Sometimes, I have to give myself permission to be pretty.”

Britney Spears uneditedBritney Spears edited

Unlike a certain someone in denial, the princess of pop knows that she’s got some flaws and isn’t afraid to share them with the world.

Following supermodel Claudia Schiffer‘s footsteps, Britney Spears prompted footwear designer Candies to release the unedited version of her latest ad campaign. In the images, Spears’s waist, thighs, and bottom have all been trimmed down, in addition to smoothing her skin and removing cellulite.

The only problem is… she still looks great in the unedited images! Despite that, this is a great move for her—hopefully this trend will now continue to ripple in the fashion industry.

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Tilda Swinton with Ryan McGinley and Clare Waight KellerRed-haired androgynous beauty looks “hauntingly” beautiful in her new campaign for Pringle of Scotland.

The Oscar-winning actress - who fronted last season’s advertisements for the label - has been photographed alongside Turner prize winner Douglas Turner in an abandoned oyster bay in Loch Fyne, Scotland, and her unique look shines through. Talking about the campaign shot by photographer Ryan McGinley, Pringle creative director Clare Waight Keller told Vogue.com:

“There were really two moods that I felt strongly about for this campaign. The first was to use the Scottish landscape in quite a surreal way, where Ryan’s spectacular lighting, especially in the night photography, really captured the haunting beauty of Tilda and her surroundings and the uniqueness of Douglas Gordon in a truly stunning combination. The second was a slightly more boyish, ‘bovver boy’ feel, a bit more casual, hanging out at the back of a bike shed.”

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Emma Roberts

UPDATE: Emma has since apologized via Twitter to those who were “unintentionally offended” by her misunderstood comments.

“I want to do something in fashion that wouldn’t be cheesy. I wouldn’t do, like, Emma Roberts for . I’d want do to something more like the Olsen twins did, Elizabeth and James and The Row, something that is really cool, wearable and still unique.”

-Actress telling WWD that she would like to create a fashion line of her own some day, just not for Target.

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Lea MicheleLea Michele

Last night at a Glee event in Los Angeles, star shocked the paparazzi for several reasons:

  1. She sported bangs.
  2. She exposed a lot of cleavage.
  3. She did her best to not look like Idina Menzel (another party attendee) by stealing items from ‘s closet.

While I have to give Lea props for separating herself from her character (and for looking fabulous while doing it), am I the only one thinking she might be trying a bit too hard? You can see another picture of her after the jump and decide.

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