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Street fashion featuring Jimmy ChooJimmy Choo's new website launches today.

The acclaimed footwear brand's highly-anticipated new project, Stylemakers - an interactive site featuring a photo gallers of street style images - is set to go live. Members of the public are invited to upload a picture of themselves wearing a Jimmy Choo creation - shoes or bag - and share the image at www.choo247.com.

The website is categorized according to location - with sections including London, England, New York, America, Shanghai, China and Sao Paolo in Brazil - and each city has a different ambassador. In London, Caroline Issa is the label's muse for the project. The website has launched to coincide with the brand's new Choo 24:7 collection, which aims to provide the perfect footwear wardrobe for every shoe need.

Stylemakers is the latest new venture for Jimmy Choo.


Topshop 214 Magazine Spring/Summer 2011

Can't shop at a retail store that doesn't publish its own catalogue fashion magazine? Me either. Thankfully, Topshop has jumped on that trend trade and finally published 214, which has landed in select stores.

"SELECT STORES?!" asks the U.S. customer. Don't worry, they want your money, too, which is why they've made the Spring/Summer 2011 issue available online!

The main editorial, "Shades of Summer," -- photographed by Saga Sig and styled by Anna Trevelyan -- highlights all the bohemian meets '70s products in the line. Check out the front cover photo after the jump.

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Agyness Deyn and Fiona ByrneMoving from the catwalk to behind-the-scenes, is become a style advisor.

The supermodel has teamed up with journalist Fiona Byrne to create website naag.com, which will give fashion tips and their take on the latest trends.

“We’re not shoving anything down your throat. We’re just saying ‘This is rad.’ We’re not saying ‘You have to like this,’” Deyn said.

The website has already had some big coups, with profiles of Mark Ronson and , who are both friendly with the 25-year-old beauty. “I think because we’re friends, they trust us and like what we’re doing,” Deyn said of their involvement.
However, their dream interview would be with designer Alexander Wang: “He’s one of the most real people in fashion. Totally unpretentious and fun.” Although she will be giving out advice, last year Agyness revealed she isn’t a huge fashion fan and won’t pursue a catwalk career forever.

“You know, even though I’m in fashion, I don’t, like, do fashion. Fashion isn’t me, even though I work in it. It’s just materialistic stuff. I just want to do whatever makes me happy.”

Kristen Stewart—Country-pop singer Taylor Swift strikes a pose on the cover of July’s Marie Claire. For once, she isn’t wearing a sparkling, glitter-happy dress.

—Those who have thought that women larger than size 6 can’t look good in a bathing suit have been put to shame: French Marie Claire is making huge waves with their June issue, which features plus-sized models in a swimsuit editorial.

—Apparently Miley Cyrus isn’t the only Disney star who needs lessons in stylish shoe walking. Vanessa Hudgens nearly took a fall from walking in her ankle boots.

—Fashion blogger BryanBoy alerted the internet and his Twitter followers about a Swedish threesome he was involved in. More proof that bloggers can have interesting and scandalous lives.

Twilight actress and paparazzi target Kristen Stewart was seen promoting Eclipse in Seoul, South Korea with extra-long hair extensions. After her post-The Runaways mullet debacle, I’m relieved to see her do something to her hair for a change.

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Cat Burglar Barbie by Christian Louboutin

Leave it to Christian Louboutin to make the most iconic and fashionable doll even more stylish. Louboutin’s first Barbie series

is out

sold out on Net-a-Porter in a day!

For $150, customers receive Cat Burglar Barbie, complete with four pairs of Christian Louboutins (each with their own bag and box, of course). For the rest of the pictures, you can check them out after the break. As for the fact that the collectible item is no longer available online, the site allows you to add it to your Wish List in order to know when Barbie will be back in stock (cross your fingers).

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Gisele Bundchen featured in Vogue Italia- Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone finally purchased a townhouse in New York’s West Village for a cool $10.4 million. To think that this was the house that the couple claimed they counting their pennies for!

- A new type of plastic surgery involves liposuctioning fat from your butt and injecting it into your breasts to increase their size. Here I thought Fight Club‘s idea of re-using fat for soap was bad.

- Twitter inspires fashion photographer Steven Meisel, prompting him to get a pregnant Gisele Bundchen (as well as Lara Stone, Sessilee Lopez, Naomi Campbell, and others) taking pictures of herself via Meiselpic—clever, right?—for the December cover of Vogue Italia.

- In interesting collaboration news, John Galliano recruits David Lynch (Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead) to direct his next installment of Dior short films. Oscar-winning actress Marion Cotillard will star in the short features.

- Proenza Schouler finally has an e-commerce site, although it appears as if they’re still figuring out what to put on there—so far, there are four items listed.

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Lady Gaga featured on the TantalistJames Read has launched a tanning website.

The bronzing favorite of stars including Lindsay Lohan, Lady Gaga and Rosie Huntington-Whitely has teamed up with an unknown writer for The Tantalist.com, a site dedicated to showcasing people with perfect fake tans.

Explaining the site, the creator wrote, “I’ve always said that a tan - the fake and self tan variety, not the sun induced sort - is the perfect fashion accessory and like any other, changes with the seasons. And here’s my proof… Fab-looking people with tans who, believe it or not, I find on the streets! I spot, stop and snap them, all for your enjoyment and enlightenment. I’ll be posting my tips and comments on these (and also on some of my celebrity friends) and would be thrilled if you’d add yours.”

As well as posting images, James is also sharing his tanning tips and there is even a section dedicated to nail varnish colours that perfectly complement a bronzed glow.