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Ombre plastic wrap marble nails

I love the ombre look and have done it several times. I saw the pin from Glitter, She Wrote with instructions on a plastic wrap marble look and since I already had an appointment today, I thought I would try this out. It is always hard for me to pick a color, but pink is my favorite so I decided to go with that for my base.

I started with two coats of pink and waited approximately 6 minutes for them to dry. Six minutes was not long enough, and I immediately smudged my nail trying to cut the plastic wrap. Luckily, I was going to add a messy color on top, so I didn't have to bother with fixing it, and you can't even see where that error was. Finally, a technique works even if you have smudges and dings!

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Street FashionThe majority of women will try any fashion trend even if they know they won't be able to carry it off. In new a poll by Kenco Millicano, lots females say they are keen to look stylish and fashionable so will don clothes and accessories that might not flatter them, while one in three admit to experiencing a "traumatic trend."

The majority, however, look back on their efforts to keep up with fashion with humor, and 10 percent even reminisce with pride for "giving it a go."

The research goes on to show that 33 percent of women are inspired by strangers on the street while 59 percent are inspired by friends and family. The research is part of Kenco Millicano's search for the UK's top Taste-setters, who can share their trend thoughts and passions whilst inspiring others to follow their lead.

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If you’ve never considered a job in the hotel industry, these underwear ads might have you rethinking your current job.

In the spot above titled “House Keeping,” soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo gives the maid an abs-olutely fantastic show. Meanwhile, ’s waiter scores a generous tip in the clip posted after the jump.

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Had Don Draper brought Joan Holloway to his London Fog meeting last season, the Mad Men character might have spared everyone a little time (and a Sal Romano some hotel embarrassment)—but better late then never, right?

In this real-life campaign for the outerwear company, actress adds sex appeal to the classic trench coats the company is known for.

“London Fog is a classic brand, which I love. It also ties into — we used London Fog in the show and this was a nice way to tie everything together,” the company’s new celebrity spokesmodel said. “The trench is such an iconic shape for men and women. It worked in the 1960s and it works now.”

Of course, just about anything works on Christina – which is why Brian McFayden is probably somewhere drooling like an idiot right now.

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Russell BrandRussell Brand and fiancee are starting to influence each other’s dress sense. The British comedian and the “California Gurls” singer have been together since last September and Russell admits they are now adapting their styles to suit the other’s tastes.

“I would like to endorse that idea. I think I’ve started to wear more colors and she’s started to go darker.  She’s started to dress less like a pantomime character and is a bit more sexy - a bit grown up.”

Although Russell - famed for his eccentric dress sense - is a fan of designers like and the late Alexander McQueen, he admits he doesn’t find shopping very fulfilling.

“My look is a collision between bondage, 70s rock ‘n’ roll and a gentleman at the Henley Regatta. I don’t go shopping much because I find it hard to commit to an object. Will I ever wear these? Then I question the value of consuming, trying to make yourself feel better just by buying a pair of shoes. I think, ‘Will I feel better after I’ve bought these shoes? Or will I just be me…in some shoes.’”

Thom BrowneThom Browne has created his first full womenswear collection.

The men’s designer has dabbled in female fashion before - selling a capsule range in Barneys New York in 2007 and 2008 - but has now branched out by making a new line.

“This time I have more time to focus on it. For September, it will be a bit bigger than before, with more styles within the categories, but very focused. In the next couple seasons it will become a fully developed collection.”

The collection will sell at Barneys New York, Colette and 10 Corso Como Seoul and The Thom Browne shop. For the range, Brown has been inspired by his menswear roots, which he has incorporated into the clothes.

“It’s very focused on jackets and trousers and outerwear. I think it’s what people expect from me, very men’s-inspired women’s clothing. Grey flannel, navy cashmere. Good, all-American men’s wear influence, but fitting in a cool feminine way. I want it to be very understandable. Personally, when I see it on the girls I think it looks so good. I like the idea of men’s tailoring on girls. It’s very strong and sexy in a non-overt way.”

NyckedMarc Jacobs’ partner is set to launch his own rival fashion line.

The advertising exectutive new label, Nycked - a play on the initials N.Y.C. (New York City) - will launch with a line of women’s swimsuits. The new designer has not consulted Marc on the project and is determined to make it on his own.

“Relationships are hard enough without mixing business into them. I don’t advise mixing the personal and professional,” he explained.

The collection - inspired by the “gritty aesthetic” of New York - will be a collaboration with jewellery designer Jules Kim. The pair both agreed they wanted to get away from traditional poolside collections which often feature florals, palm trees and bright colors.

“We saw an opportunity in the marketplace for something cooler and more downtown. Swim seems to be dominated by a Los Angeles aesthetic and our collection brings a New York attitude to it,” Martone said of the collection.

The pieces will be adorned with sequins, bow, corset lacing and lace in key colours: black, white and red. The brand’s logo is a geometric bat based on a Japanese origami design.

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Rachel ZoeListen up, ladies! says miniskirts are the must-have fashion item of the moment.

The celebrity stylist is a huge fan of shorter hemlines as she thinks they help flatter figures, but also has some advice for women who would prefer to cover up in jeans: “Mini is the length that’s happening right now. Shorter skirts elongate legs. But if you want most of your legs covered, add turn-ups to a boyfriend jean to expose a bit of the ankle. With a skinny jean, scrunch them up your calves.

Blazers are still big news this season, and Rachel recommends giving them a personal touch, saying, “The sleeves are the boxiest bit, so bunch them up to taper them. Pin a brooch in the back to tighten it up and give it a little bit of flavor.”

As for hair, Rachel - who has worked with a host of celebrities including Cameron Diaz and - advises not going too styled as a messy look gives a great contrast. She told Britain’s Glamour magazine, “Don’t dress like you’re in a beauty pageant - if you’re in a super glamorous gown, mess up your hair a little bit.”

Britney Spears for Candie'sNever one to be left out of some lucrative trends, has created her own fashion line.

The “Piece of Me” singer has teamed up with fashion house Candie’s - who she has previously modeled for - to create a limited-edition collection of apparel and accessories for the teen and tween brand, which go on sale this summer.

“At my photo shoot for the limited edition collection I designed for Candie’s! I think you guys will love it!” Britney posted on her

A spokesperson for the label confirmed the Britney Candie’s collection -  which will be available from Kohl’s stores and kohls.com - and said the pieces will reflect Britney’s personal style, with prices ranging from $24 to $58. Britney will also continue to model for Candie’s and will appear in her own clothes in another set of ads for her collection, which will be due in the autumn.

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Gisele Bundchen's Ipanema ad‘s sandal collection is inspired by marine life.

The supermodel, who endorses the footwear made by Ipanema, is donating profits from her new range to the Tamar Project, an organization which studies and protects sea turtles, after becoming fascinated by the endangered creatures:

“It all began when I was at my home in Costa Rica. I saw the turtles were dying. These animals are essential to marine life. They’re part of the ecosystem. That’s why we started looking for a project that supported the continued existence of the species. We hit on the Tamar project. The entire new Gisele Bundchen Ipanema collection is based on marine life.”

Despite admitting she is not a designer, the Brazilian beauty insists she is heavily involved in the creative process for coming up with the footwear. She added to Hello! magazine, “I do as much as I can. It’s a collaboration. I’m not a designer, but I throw myself into everything else. I come up with ideas, I meet the designers, I tell them what I want and once everything comes together, I give the final approval. The shoes have sentimental value because they reflect the things that matter to me.”